Electro Technical Council of Ireland

Objectives of the ETCI

  1. To promote and co-ordinate standardisation in all branches of electro-technology in harmony with international agreements and in collaboration with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).
  2. To establish liaison with similar bodies in other countries and with international bodies.
  3. To promote safety in electrical equipment and installations and to encourage an awareness of electrical safety among the general public
  4. To advise and make recommendations on any matter pertaining to electrotechnology, subject to the statutory powers, duties and functions of other bodies.

In realising the first two closely related objectives, ETCI:

  • Contributes to the development of international standards through the participation of members of its Technical Committees with their counterparts from EU and other countries, in the deliberations of the relevant IEC and CENELEC technical bodies to which standard-making is assigned.
  • Refers the resulting agreed texts to NSAI for publication as Irish Standards.
  • Participates in the formulation by CENELEC and its constituent bodies of international schemes of certification and mutual recognition of the quality and safety characteristics of electrotechnical products.

The third objective is achieved through:

  • The preparation and publication of National Rules for Electrical Installations and of guides to their effective implementation in practice.
  • Publishing brochures, in collaboration with ESB, on precautions for the safe use of electrical equipment and appliances, for the benefit of the general public and of particular communities within it, such as those engaged in agriculture.
  • In pursuance of its joint objectives, ETCI provides a reference and advice facility whereby copies of its publications are made available and specific enquiries on their interpretation are processed.



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