Electro Technical Council of Ireland

International Standing

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC)


CENELEC LogoETCI is the Irish Electrotechnical Committee to CENELEC and represents the Irish interests in the harmonization of electrotechnical standards through its participation on CENELEC Technical Committees. The structure of ETCI is based on the structure of CENELEC and each of ETCI Technical Committees mirrors a CENELEC Technical Committee.

CENELEC was set up in 1973 and is an association comprised of Members who are the National Electrotechnical Committees of European Countries. At the beginning of 2011, CENELEC membership encompassed 31 countries. In addition, 12 National Committees from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Northern Africa and the Middle-East participate in the work of CENELEC as Affiliates. Its aims are to harmonise the electrotechnical standards of its member countries and to assist in removing trade barriers arising from conflicting national electrical safety requirements.

CENELEC produces three types of documents, European Standards (EN), Harmonisation Documents (HD) and European Pre-Standards (ENVs). European Standards are intended to be published or endorsed, in all Member Countries, as identical national standards. For Harmonisation Documents, the technical content is intended to be incorporated into the national standard, but not necessarily identically. The HD allows national deviations for a specified period. Membership of CENELEC confers obligations to implement both documents. ENVs are European Pre-Standards published by CENELEC to gain experience in newly developed areas of electrotechnology and are intended to be converted into ENs within a few years.
More than 2000 standards and Harmonisation Documents have been published to date.

ENs and HDs are based on IEC standards, or in the rare case that a suitable one does not exist, CENELEC may initiate the work. IEC does not start new work in areas where CENELEC has declared an interest. Their relative contributions are now determined in the framework of the IEC/CENELEC Co-operation Agreements.

The ETCI through its association with CENELEC is able to participate in any of its Technical/Sub-Committees.

CENELEC Administration

Administrative Offices: 17 Avenue Marnix
B-1000 Brussels,
Telephone: 00 32 2 519 68 71
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