Electro Technical Council of Ireland

International Standing

The ISSA (Electrical Section)


ISSA LogoThe ISSA (Electrical Section) is one of the bodies which form the International Social Security Association. This organisation is itself a daughter body of the ILO. ETCI is the Irish member of ISSA.

The mandate of the Section is to promote electrical safety internationally and to assist in achieving minimum standards in design, operation and usage of electrical systems and apparatus. Its main activity involves the provision of information on developments and good practice in the safe use of electricity.

The Section achieves its mandate by organising meetings, colloquia and conferences which provide a forum for the dissemination of this knowledge. It also is involved in specific studies relating to electrical safety and publishes papers and articles on its findings. It produces guidelines on such matters as the safe isolation of electrical apparatus for the purposes of work and for the safe handling and use of electrical apparatus by those who have no particular skills in electrical technology.

The Section has supported studies of electrical safety in number of third world countries and in emerging industrial powers such as China.

The Secretariat of the Section is Berufsgenossenshaft der Feinmechanik und Electrotechnik, which is the German Social Insurance Group providing an insurance and safety service to German Industry. Most of the funding for the activities of the Section comes from this source. The Council of the Section comprises representatives of most of the European Countries and its membership is truly international. Ireland is represented on the Council by the ETCI.

The ISSA (Electricity Section) runs an international colloquium every three years. These colloquia have always been a success with the attendance being fully subscribed. The last colloquium was hosted by ETCI in Dublin Castle in June 1997. One hundred and eighty delegates representing 16 countries attended the colloquium.

ISSA Publications

The ISSA Electricity Section has published the "Guideline on Managing Safety in the Use of Portable Electrical Equipment in the Workplace". This Guideline describes safe practices that should be followed by those involved with portable electrical equipment. The Guideline is not designed as a training manual, but contains information, best practices and general recommendations deemed appropriate for the safe use of portable electrical equipment. Click here to download this publication (pdf, 390kBs)