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The Technical Management Committee (TMC) first introduced ETCI's Manual of Procedures in 1997 with the aim of regularising ETCI's activities and of standardising procedures.

At the time, it was stated that the procedures were live documents and not intended to be dogmatic in their nature. As such, the Procedures are subject to change as the necessity arises. Based on the procedures' first year of operation, the TMC introduces this revised manual which includes amendments and additional procedures to the initial version.

The TMC has endeavoured to include all facets of ETCI's activities. The purpose of these procedures is to equip members in understanding the modus operandi of ETCI. It is hoped that the procedures will act as a guidance to members in their relationship with ETCI and in their attendance at international meetings.

Feedback for the further improvement of these procedures is always welcome and should be addressed to the Chairman, ETCI.

Please note these procedures are password protected:

  • Procedure 1 Terms of Reference for Technical Management Committee.
  • Procedure 2 The Establishment of Technical Committees/Task Forces.
  • Procedure 3 Conduct of Technical Committees/Task Forces.
  • Procedure 4 Appeals Procedures.
  • Procedure 5 Public Inquiry Procedure to be followed during preparation of a new edition or an Amendment of the National Rules for Electrical Installation.
  • Procedure 6 Procedure for attendance at CENELEC, IEC or ISSA Meetings.
  • Procedure 7 Rules for Authorisation of Missions where Travel and Subsistence Expenses incurred thereon are to be claimed.
  • Procedure 8 ETCI Guidelines for International Travel to Technical Meetings.
  • Procedure 9 Procedure For Hosting Of European And International Meetings In Ireland.
  • Procedure 10 Procedure For The Nomination By ETCI Of Persons From Ireland To Serve As Either Chairman or Secretary Of An International Technical Committee.
  • Procedure 11 Customer Complaints.
  • Procedure 12 ETCI Reference Library.
  • Procedure 13 Default Voting on CENELEC and IEC Documents.
  • Procedure 14 ETCI Web site.
  • Procedure 15 Nomination of Individuals to IEC/CENELEC TCs, SCs, WGs or MTs for which There is No National Mirror Committee.
  • Procedure 16 Hosting ETCI Seminars and ETCI Training Courses.
  • Procedure 17 Processing of Technical Comments in Areas of Technology for which There is No Corresponding ETCI TC or TF.
  • Procedure 18 Procedure for the Uniform Processing with ETCI TCs/TFs of a New Work Item.
  • Procedure 19 Procedure for the Proper Use of the ETCI Logo and ETCI Generated Text.
  • Procedure 20 Procedure for the Preparation of a new ETCI Publication.
  • Procedure 21 Procedure for ETCI Training.

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