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ETCI Training Policy

The promotion of electrical safety is a prime objective of the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI). ETCI has identified training within the electrotechnical environment as an effective method of achieving this objective and disseminating information of an electrical safety nature. ETCI recognises that it has an important role to fulfil in the development of training and a training culture within the electrotechnical sector in Ireland. In carrying out this role, ETCI is committed to the provision of a training programme which is planned, managed and monitored through the ETCI Training Committee.

The scope of the Training Committee is to plan, develop and market the ETCI training programme and oversee the implementation of this programme.

ETCI provide courses on its publications. These courses include seminars on the National Wiring Rules, training courses and workshops on the Management of Electrical Safety at Work, the Basic Principles of Electrical Safety, Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas and Area Classification in Hazardous Areas.












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