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Apprentice Training

Role of FAS

FAS, the National Training and Employment Authority has been given special statutory responsibility by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment for monitoring and co-ordinating different aspects of apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship System now in operation culminates in the Advanced Certificate - Craft for those who pass the stipulated tests. The scheme comprises of seven phases of on and off-the-job education and training for each trade.

Courses for Apprentices under the FAS Scheme

Under the scheme, apprentices attend a FAS Centre for Phase 2 followed by attendance at an Institute of Technology (see Education and Training in Electrotechnology) for Phases 4 and 6. This will generally involve either block release (full-time) with ten weeks for each phase (the normal arrangement as envisaged by FAS) or perhaps an alternative day release arrangement where there is an significant demand from employers/apprentices who are unable to participate in the Block release (full-time release) arrangement. It is envisaged that Phases 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be spent in industry or other appropriate employment being trained and gaining relevant work experience of its different aspects under the guidance of competent craftspersons.

How To Become An Electrical Apprentice

Those interested in becoming an electrical apprentice should check that they have the requisite educational qualifications. They should then seek out a suitable employer having a vacancy for an electrical apprentice. While the responsibility for securing an apprenticeship rests with the individual, FAS may be able to assist and those interested should register at the nearest FAS office where further useful information may also be available.



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