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The Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) has established the promotion of electrical safety as a major objective. It achieves this objective through the publication of Rules, Guides, Codes of Practice and Information Brochures to promote safety in electrical equipment and installations and to encourage an awareness of electrical safety amongst the general public.

ETCI considers training within the electrotechnical environment as an effective method in achieving this objective and in disseminating information of a safety nature from ETCI Technical Committees. In this regard, ETCI runs training programmes on various aspects of its publications including the National Rules for Electrical Installations, ATEX matters, EC Directives and Statutory Instruments dealing with electrical safety.

ETCI's panel of trainers, presenters and seminar speakers is drawn from its Technical Committee membership (approximately 200 voluntary technical experts from industry, professional bodies, semi-state organisations and Government Departments) and from international technical associates from CENELEC and CEN technical committees and from the European Commission.








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